The Beargrass Leather atelier is in Lakeside, MT.  But, we do not have a physical shop location.  So we are commonly asked where people can find our designs.  And the answer represents the singular problem that we are facing.  The short answer is that we are in Montana and online through our website shop and Etsy.  We are also in some local shops around Kalispell.  However, we are currently seeking more locations.

We are also near Glacier National Park.

We are also near Glacier National Park.

We've created a  "Stockists" page to help people who are trying to locate Beargrass Leather.  The page also helps stores interested in carrying our incredible leather goods to see our goals for stockists.

We know that we want to continue to make hand-made leather goods in Montana.  But, we also know that the two of us can only produce about 150 handbags a year.  So we are selectively trying to form collaborations with singular shops in key cities around the northern Rocky Mountain west:  Missoula, Bozeman, Big Sky, and Jackson.  Ideally, we want to find boutiques that feature classic designs (because while Beargrass Leather has a bit of a rustic look, our designs are grounded in classic styles). Our happiest customers are those who choose our bespoke designs en lieu of the foreign designer item.  

If you want to help us spread the word, we would be appreciative.  If you are a such a boutique in one of these places (or even a similar place not in the mountain west) and are interested in carrying Beargrass Leather, please let us know.  If your a customer who wants to find Beargrass Leather nearby or have an opportunity at something local, please let us know that as well.