Our Story:

We like to say that Beargrass Leather started from a fly fishing bag, but there is always more to the story.  Sam left the Air Force after six years of service.  During this time, we began leather working after the kids went to sleep ("Could you pound that rivet more quietly, dear?"  "Ummm...sure.") However, we quickly realized that Sam's designs went beyond "hobby grade." When our leather skills were coupled with our graphic design and writing prowess, we discovered that we had the makings of a part-time business.  

Currently, Sam makes 90% of the leather goods from September through May.  After commencement in May, Ben is off from his community college faculty position.  From June through August, we throw everything into overdrive.

Essentially, three components comprise Beargrass Leather.  First, a great appreciation for amazing leather.  Second, the unique aesthetic of cross-stitching by hand.  Third, the satisfaction of working with one's spouse on shared projects with complimentary skill sets. 

Beargrass Leather is located in a small town overlooking Flathead Lake in northwest Montana.  Our goal is provide unique items that provide as much pride of ownership as we take pride in creating.