The dream of owning a style-defining custom leather product is much closer than many realize. It’s just a two-step process (true, step two has many little steps). When finished, an invoice will be sent to confirm all of the options. It’s worry free, and it is certainly a lot of fun.

Rust Mini Sadie Brick vertical.jpg

Step 1: Choose a Style

Browse the shop, lookbook, or our Instagram feed to find a style that you love. Don’t worry about customization options at this point. Save that for step two. As long as your dream bag is a variation on something that we’ve designed, we can make it for you.

Customization Mashup.jpg

Step 2: Schedule a Customization Session

The choices may be plentiful, but they are easier that it seems. A live customization session takes the guesswork out of a custom order. You can visit our workshop or we can set up a live video chat via our phones or computer (isn’t technology amazing?).

Here are some of the options we will discuss:

* Thread Color

* Edge Paint Color

* Liners

* Leather Type and Color

* Monograms

* Hardware

* Dimensions

* Flair — Tassels, Fringe, Etc…