Okay, so if you've been following Beargrass Leather for a while, you know that we live near Glacier National Park (GNP).  It's about 30 miles as the crow flies, but we can see Heaven's Peak and Roger's Peak from our home in Lakeside on a clear day.  For a while, we were collecting every possible GNP map available looking for great names.  Now GNP has one of two types of names:  the best and the worst.  For example, Going to the Sun road is the best name for a road ever!  But, lake St. Mary leaves a little to be desired.   As I was scouring a new map, I found this great moutain -- Old Sun Mountain.  How awesome?  So when I was inspired to create this extremely Native American inspired hobo purse, this was the name that I went with. 

What's great about this purse is all of the detail.  Here are a couple of interesting facts.  First, each feather takes about 45 minutes to create from vegetable tanned leather with watered down acrylic leather paints.  Second, embroidery and leather don't naturally go together.  Wh would have thought?  Since I need to manually perforate each hole in the leather, I had to lay out my design in an arching semi-circle with variable distances from each hole.  It took like two hours just to get my design perfect and transferred to the bag.  But who is counting?

So that is the Old Sun Hobo Purse by Beargrass Leather.  It might tread more towards artwork than everyday purse, but it is really amazing.