This amazing purse utilizes a vertical shape to get the most impact out of a great portion of Axis hair leather. 

We are starting to run thin on great Montana names for our bags.  Plus, when each bag is an original, the names can stack up pretty fast.  More often than not, we call our bags by the shape of the bag and the leather that was used to create it (e.g.  tool bag in mahagony S.B. Foot).  

Here are some amazing bags that Sam crafted over the winter break using Axis leather.  For those unfamiliar with Axis, these are full-grown deer in India that never lose their spots.  Plus, they are not endangered or threatened.  So, if you have no problem with buckskin clothes, bags, or purses, then this leather should pose no moral nor ethical dilemma.  


This smaller Axis purse with solid brass hardware is a perfect as an everyday carry purse.  The cross-body strap is adjustable, and the size is just right for the essentials.