Sometimes summer reminds us of everything old, the old fashioned way of life, the country way of life.  The stories we grew up on like Laura Ingalls Wilder come to mind when I think of the tall prairie grasses swaying in the breeze like waves upon the ocean.  The Wild Rose tote was a finished bag done in cross-stitch along the gussets and straps.  It was calling for more however, so I decided to add some....flourish.  I perused cross-stitch patterns trying to find something fairly simple that would tote an all white thread fairly well while maintaining its integrity as a flower and not a blob of white x's.  So I ended up taking a picture of an antique lace doily and counting out squares.  I basically drew up my own version of it on a piece of grid paper.  I made the mistake of having used a smaller grid size which meant punching holes one at a time.

In the end I think it was worth it.  I really have been wanting to try something like this and now I've got my feet wet.  Its taken a few minutes here and there to complete this.  Much like ladies would pick up their stitching and set it down to tend to other more pressing needs I have no concrete idea of how long it took.  

This bag really feels soft and inviting.  Its made with toasted caramel horween leather and accented with white waxed nylon thread.  It harkens back to a time of simplicity.  Summer always has a way of giving me the feeling of renewal.  Renewal by simplicity.  For years my family would travel across the American west in the summers.  The Wild Rose bag reminds me of the prairie waysides and wild roses we always saw.  It reminds my of sweet grass in the breeze.  And more importantly it reminds me of using my hands to create my vision.  


I couldn't help but feel like I was making something beautiful.  Tough and durable leather just speaks of the American spirit.  Gorgeous whimsy whispers of its wandering dreams.  This bag begs to wander.  I will definitely be making more variations.