When one begins working with leather, there are two overwhelming aspects of the craft.  First, there are a ton of questions that people ask.  This is natural.  When I first even thought about leather work, I found it completely daunting.  The second overwhelming component is the amount of scrap leather.  Enter the key fob. 



This little utilitarian beauty is a marvel of economy.  For starters, it actually justifies the bins that I have dedicated to tiny, little scraps.  Secondly, I often have what I call "Key Fob Saturdays."  This is where I try to not get into any projects too big in the morning because big projects mean big space.   Thirdly, key fobs fit nicely into one's palm and leaves the other hand free for coffee, lots of coffee.   




Key fobs are also great gifts for anyone.  They are inexpensive, reliable, and feel great.  These red key fobs are really interesting.  I crafted them from vegetable tanned leather, hand dyed them with a deep red oil dye, applied neatsfoot oil to soften them, then four coats of an acrylic finish to weather proof them.  Then I emboss the Beargrass Leather logo just above the bottom third of the fob.  Next, I wax and burninsh the sides and back.  Finally, I apply the hardware.  


If you want a little piece of my Saturday morning, please visit our etsy shop -- BeargrassLeather and pick up a key fob.  If you mention this blog, I will throw in a free leather goodie.