Pike's Place Bison Tote - Dusty Rose


Pike's Place Bison Tote - Dusty Rose


Pike’s Place Bison Tote

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Beargrass Leather -- Inspired by Montana, Crafted by Hand

Pike’s Place Bison Tote

Product Description:

This tote is constructed of an amazing bison leather with a distinct weathered finished from being tumbled. Tumbling makes the bison soft to the touch, yet the interior is still firm and clean. This dusty rose bison is sweet yet rugged and even has dark chocolate brown harness straps . The Beargrass Leather logo across the front, an interior pocket for a cell phone or small wallet, and two tassels tied to the strap make for a perfect everyday tote.

Product Measurements:

Height: 10" / Width: 11"-15” / Depth: 4" / Strap Length: 10" drop from shoulder.


$7 Flat-rate 3-day priority shipping within the U.S.  International shipping to select countries is based on the estimated package size and weight (please inquire before purchasing). Ready-made items typically ship within three business days.

Leather as a Natural Product:

Real, full-grain leather is a natural product.  Each hide has a certain amount of “irregularities” which those in the leather business call “character.”  Some hides even come with brand marks (which are awesome), nicks, bites, bumps, scars, and other awesome items of character.  In the end, this is a sign that your leather is real, unadulterated, one of a kind, premium leather that will last for years.  

Handmade in USA:

Every Beargrass Leather is crafted by either Samantha or Benjamin in scenic Montana.  

Leather Care:

For most Beargrass Leather products, we recommend Montana Pitch Blend for care and conditioning.  Montana pitch blend performs two roles:  conditioning and protection.  The mink oil will soften the leather while the wax will help protect the leather from weather and wear.  Montana Pitch Blend may darken leather, but most leather will darken over time.

For bags made of hair, simply wipe with a damp cloth with either simple water or a mild soapy water.  Do not soak.  Our hair-on-hide leather is created mostly for use as throws, pillows, rugs, and bags, so it can stand up to some intense use.  


Most of our products are tanned and dyed by the tannery.  As any color or dye, it may rub off if vigorously rubbed or wet.  Over years of use, very few products have shown any rub-off of color.  Nevertheless, the use of a good conditioner like Montana Pitch Blend with natural oils and waxes will help .  But in the meantime, use caution.