Judith Bag with Forest Green Stitching

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Judith Bag with Forest Green Stitching


Judith Tote

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Beargrass Leather -- Inspired by Montana, Crafted by Hand
Beargrass Leather creates handmade leather goods that are inspired by northwest Montana.  Each item is hand-cut and stitched in Lakeside, MT. 

Product Description:

The Judith bag is a touch of luxury.  Tucked between two mountain ranges in central Montana is the Judith gap.  It offers a sense of adventure that cuts across the Montana plains.  This bag represents that Judith Gap.  Made of full grain leather in a wonderful ivory stain, it represents that cross of culture between the Snowy Mountains and the wonderful cattle ranches.  This bag features a beautiful forest green stitch with the thread sourced from a company in Maine.  

This bag is approximately 10 x 10 x 6.5" wide.  The straps are cross stitched to further bring out the contrasting stitch color. Everything was hand cut, hand stitched, designed by beargrass leather.  The bag was saddle stitched for structural durability.  
Please check out our blog to hear more about this bag:  www.beargrassleather.com/blog

Product Measurements:
        Height:  10"
    Width:   10"
    Depth (Gusset):    6.5"
    Strap Length:  9" drop

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What Sets Beargrass Leather apart from other Handmade Leather Goods?
First and foremost, Beargrass Leather is unique in the technique used to stitch and lace our leather goods.  Secondly, we are one of the few handmade (non-machine)leather workers that can line our bags and purses.  Thirdly, Beargrass Leather can design and make hair-on-hide bags and purses.  Fourth, the design elements of Beargrass Leather goods stretch far beyond basic rectangular totes and rough edge purses.  Finally, our dedication to American-made goods.  
Our customers understand that each product is both unique and a combination of skills not offered by the average US leatherworker. 

Leather as a Natural Product:
Real, full-grain leather is a natural product.  Each hide has a certain amount of “irregularities” which those in the leather business call “character.”  Some hides even come with brand marks (which are awesome), nicks, bites, bumps, scars, and other awesome items of character.  The tanning and dying process can also leave certain character marks.  In the end, this is a sign that your leather is real, unadulterated, one of a kind, premium leather that will last for years.  

Responsibly Sourced:
Our customers know the value of American made goods; accordingly,  Beargrass Leather takes great care to utilize American made products into our designs.  While it is impossible to calculate hard numbers, most of our products are over 90% American made with American goods.  
For example, most of our leather is from American tanneries and cows: Horween, S.B. Foot, Tasman, etc...  
The bulk of our thread comes from Maine thread which crafts amazing waxed polyester thread.  Our hardware is sourced from American retailers. 
While it is nearly impossible to verify a truly 100% American made good, Beargrass Leather takes great pride in sourcing our materials to introduce as much high-quality, American product to our clients.

Handmade in USA:
Every Beargrass Leather is crafted by either Samantha or Benjamin in scenic Montana.  

We consider a large part of hand made to include hand-stitching.  Hand-stitching is more durable than sewing machine stitches.  The traditional leather-working stitch is called a "saddle-stitch."  Saddle makers this very day use a saddle stitch for the world's most durable saddles.  Beargrass Leather uses a saddle stitch (or one of its variations).  Most often, we use a decorative crossing saddle stitch.  Each stitch is actually two stitches, binding against the other in unison. The standard Beargrass Leather thread is made in America and is 100% to 200% larger in diameter than most machine thread.  We strive for one continuous thread per stitch run which can result in working with up to 50 feet of thread at a time (such as a gusset or strap).  

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