Our first sale was inspired by a woman at the Kalispell Farmer's Market.  She said something along lines of, "I love your bags; I just wish that I had a "gift event" coming up soon."  That made us think, "Why isn't the 4th of July a gift giving holiday where people give only made in America gifts?"  Sounds perfect, right?  So in honor of this new, yet imaginary, gift giving event, we are offering 15% off for all items on our Etsy site.  Type in "AMERICANMADE" at the checkout by July 7th.  

We love American made, and we love handmade.  Take all of these a bit to the extreme with our amazing leather goods which are hand-stitched in America.  To take it even further, most of our leather is from American tanneries and our thread is from Maine.  It could possibly be the most American item you ever buy.