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Worry Free Purchasing

We create each Beargrass Leather good to be long lasting.  Therefore, we feel that all good artisans should work to preserve their work.

Occasionally, a handbag needs to revisit our workbench.  A handle may have been caught in a tug-o-war with a chair leg or a rivet didn't set just right.  Don't worry; we can fix almost anything non-leather (stitches, rivets, bead work, etc...).  And we often fix it for free and split the cost of shipping (depending on the type of item, damage, and shipping costs).

The Guarantee Process:

1)  Let us know about the problem.  Send us a photo or description of the issue for a repair assessment.

2)  We will assess the repair.  Most damages that don't affect the leather directly will be repaired for free.  Stitches and rivets are the two rare, yet most common fixes.

3)  We will reply with an estimate for the cost.  We will also include shipping details (the vast majority of our fixes are free with the exception of the cost of shipping). 

* Problems associate with rips, stains, or major damage to the actual leather will be addressed in the assessment.  This type of damage is typically related to use, not craftsmanship.  Regardless, we would rather see things fixed, if possible. The assessment is critical, as there are many factors regarding this type of damage: extent of damage, location, and availability of matching leather.  

We feel that a  good artisan works to make things right again.  While we cannot guarantee damage to leather,  we will work hard to set things right.

Rest assured that when you purchase that bespoke Beargrass Leather handbag that you are becoming a part of the Beargrass family.